by Asna Khan Date 16 June 2021

Worry Free Community would like to share a special event for you to participate in and promote Muslim-focus health outcomes research. Specifically, we welcome your support for, and invite you to participate in, our virtual town halls, “Health Equity Town Halls.”

EMPART Background

Muslim communities remain on the margins of community health interventions due to deficiencies in knowledge, tools and networks necessary for mosque community leaders to effectively launch, and partner in, health research programs and initiatives. The EMPART Project is a community health research project that aims to engage stakeholders to reduce life expectancy gaps in mosques communities by strengthening their community-based patient-centered projects through the Mosque Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Toolkit.

Town Hall Origins

A cohort of trained community health and social workers, mosque communities and patient representatives have been actively participating in an 12 month research to incorporate the mosque PCOR Toolkit to mosque communities and to set the agenda for Muslim-focused patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). The toolkit will create a platform for stakeholders to discuss Muslim community health problems, dynamics and solutions using patient-centered methods in a faith-based community setting.

Health Equity Town Hall Series Dates:
Muslim Association of Bolingbrook
July 15th: 11am-1pm

Muslim Society Inc.:
July 24th: 2pm-4pm

Al-Nahda Center:
August 8th: 2pm-4pm

August 31st: 4:30pm-6:30pm

For more information, contact with “Health Equity Town Hall Sponsor” in the subject line


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